Chester County Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team (C/FST)

The Chester County Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team (C/FST) is comprised of individuals and family members who have personal experience with behavioral health services (mental health and drug and alcohol). We are a highly trained team who implement an innovative model to gather and report data in order to ensure the “Voice” of the people is captured. We are also Peer Advocates that inform people about available help, services, and resources.

Chester County C/FST offers the opportunities for youth, adults, and families receiving behavioral health services to share their voice through interviews, and focus groups. The collected data is used to compile survey results and distribute informative reports to county departments, Community Care Behavioral Health, and other relevant stakeholders (including families, individuals, providers, and community members) to work together to impact Chester County behavioral health services.

Since our inception in 2012, we have had the opportunity to work with diverse populations within varied projects for multiple stakeholders. The following are some of C/FST projects from the last few years:

  • BHRS 2018 (Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services): this was a survey with parents whose children receive BHRS services
  • Recovery Oriented System of Care 2017: looking various aspects of recovery in mental health and drug & alcohol services
  • Decades to Doorways (The Department of Community Development initiative to end homelessness) Phases 1 & 2:  interviewing people who are currently or who were homeless in Chester County to identify changes needed
  • Adult Residential Phases 2 & 3: developed a vision statement with providers and next steps to encourage recovery

The Chesco C/FST is happy to contract with any stakeholders who are looking to gather, analyze and report data from people utilizing behavioral health services in the county. If you would like more information about Chester County C/FST services at Voice and Vision please email: Marcia Griffy at

Currently we are a small, but fierce team.

Marcia Griffy
Please see bio on the About Us Staff page (click here).

Joan Martin (Administrative Assistant)
Joan has 40 years of accounting and contract administration and is an Excel whiz. She lived in New Mexico for 20 years before returning home to Chester County with her beloved kitty, Butterscotch. Joan enjoys crafting, volunteering with Toys for Tots, and is an avid reader. She also treats us to her DELICIOUS mini cheesecakes.

Shmaila Khan (Field Staff Specialist)
Shmaila is a Certified Peer Specialist and has been involved in the mental health field for over 20 years. Shmaila likes working with people hearing their stores and being inclusive to otherwise marginalized communities. Shmaila’s family includes her partner Jae, and her 4 cats: Alaska, Pearl, Lambie, and Norman. She enjoys the ocean, independent films/music, and learning about alternative therapies.

Ana Ocampo-Gonzalez (Bilingual Field Staff Specialist) Ana has extensive experience monitoring, coaching and supporting children and youth during difficult times in their life. Ana has experience interviewing adults and family members about services and connecting people to resources in the County. Ana’s passion is working with people in her community who are in need, especially where she is able to use her Spanish translation and interpretation skills to advocate for Spanish-speaking families.

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