College Plus and TAP

College Plus and TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) help people go to and stay in college or attend a certificate program until they graduate or achieve their education/career goals. A peer mentor offers support and resources that help people be successful while in College Plus and TAP. Continuing education can help individuals develop a career path, explore dreams, make friends, and strengthen a person’s overall well-being.

College Plus

College Plus helps people to prepare for and attend college for the first time or go back after they left college earlier in their life. Through support and mentoring offered by College Plus, students experience hope, perseverance, increased self-esteem, and reduced fear, which has helped students be successful in their studies and remain in college until graduation or until they receive a certification. Following a student’s successful participation in the College Plus Program, they are encouraged to apply for TAP where they can continue their education. In addition, the College Plus team can help students identify financial aid opportunities, scholarships, and grants, as needed.

College Plus offers peer support based on the needs of the students enrolled in the program. Certified Peer Specialists, who themselves have had struggles while attending college, will mentor each student throughout the semester. For more information, please contact College Plus/TAP staff at or 215-442-1599.

College Plus has no age limitations and you can study any topic.  Anyone who meets the below criteria is welcome to apply.

Main Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a resident of Bucks County
  • Have a mental health diagnosis that meets the funding criteria
  • Have a strong desire to obtain a higher level of education or to advance a career or both
  • Ideally have computer knowledge and experience using Word and the internet
  • Agree to meet with the Certified Peer Specialist as needed if accepted into the College Plus Program

Our secure application can be accessed by clicking on the link below. You will be redirected to the JotForms site.

Once your completed application is received, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

TAP – Tuition Assistance Program:

Like College Plus, TAP was developed to assist individuals to pursue their goals in higher education and career exploration. While many students in TAP started in College Plus, a person does not have to have been in College Plus to apply for TAP. We accept applications from those who meet the eligibility criteria below:

Main Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a resident of Bucks County
  • Have a mental health diagnosis that meets the funding criteria
  • Have a strong desire to obtain a higher level of education or to advance a career or both
  • Ideally have computer knowledge and experience using Word and the internet

Comparing College Plus and TAP:

  • The College Plus Program is generally a one semester program and in order to continue into TAP, we require a passing grade of a “C” or above.
  • Funding for TAP is provided for one course per semester, including the summer, depending on the eligibility of funds. 
  • TAP students must complete the TAP application prior to each semester.
  • Students can continue in TAP until their educational/career goals are met.
  • TAP students need to earn a passing grade of a “C” or above in order to continue in the program. 
  • TAP students can be provided peer support at any time throughout the semester, as needed. 
  • Transportation and the cost of books and materials are the responsibility of TAP students. 

Applying to TAP:

The application process for TAP differs from that of College Plus. New applicants will be contacted for an interview. Please click on the link below, print the TAP Application, and follow the instructions.

**Please note: A recommending agency contact (such as your therapist, psychiatrist, or Certified Peer Specialist) must complete and sign a portion of the application**

College Plus and TAP are made possible with funding from the Bucks County Department of Mental Health/Developmental Programs and through a partnership with Bucks County Community College.

Counties Served:

Bucks County

Student Testimonials

College Plus gave me options, support, and hope for the future. As someone who struggles with depression, I often feel stuck. College Plus gave me a chance to move forward. Being able to take a college course not only provided me financial help, but allowed me to expand my support network, participate in college resources and clubs, and pursue my dreams.
Meeting to discuss my H.A.N.D. plan, I felt “wow, these people get me, and I can overcome my challenges.” When I was introduced to my fellow students in my semester’s College Plus Orientation, I felt less alone. Finally, throughout the year, frequent meetings with the College Plus Coordinator allowed me to stay grounded, stay out of my head, and keep moving forward. I am so glad I applied for College Plus and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.
Kevin T. (Completed the College Plus Program, Current TAP Student)

I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity College Plus has been for me. I had been terrified of returning to school after a failed attempt at a university seven years ago. With the encouragement of my case manager, I finally filled out the College Plus application and, before I knew it, enrolled in my first course at Bucks County Community College with the help and support of the College Plus Coordinator. I have gained so much confidence in my abilities throughout this semester and I am beyond excited to further my education with the aid of the TAP program as well. If it weren’t for the College Plus program I honestly don’t know if I would have the confidence and motivation to achieve the phlebotomy certification I am aiming for. One of the best things is that it doesn’t seem so distant a goal anymore! These past few months have been absolutely pivotal in shaping my perception of what I am capable of! I feel more ready to seize my future than I ever thought possible
-Abby S. (Completed the College Plus Program, Current TAP Student)

Students at the College Plus Celebration Lunch
College Plus Celebration Lunch

H.A.N.D.® (Hope and New Directions®)

We will help you create a vision of your future by looking at your strengths, goals, challenges, supportive relationships, and steps you can take to be successful.  This personal planning model can help guide you in making decisions towards your future.  During the weekly peer support meetings with the Certified Peer Specialist, this plan will be discussed.  The College Plus Program will help guide you to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams!

History of College Plus

The College Plus Program was created in October 2007 as part of the spirit of advancing the focus of peer support and recovery in Bucks County. Since its inception, 220 students have participated in College Plus.  Since the Fall 2018, about 63% of College Plus students remain in college thanks to the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

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