Compeer matches caring adults in one-to-one, co-equal friendships with people of the same gender who are in mental health recovery.  We encourage volunteerism among caring adults and support from the local community.  We also train, guide, and support volunteer relationships with Compeer friends.

Compeer of Suburban Philadelphia currently supports friendship matches in Delaware County. 

Because of Compeer friendships, people are registering to vote, celebrating holidays with others, and reintegrating into their communities with the help of their volunteer friend. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that many people we serve are on a waiting list for a volunteer friend. Most on the waiting list are isolated, lonely, and economically disadvantaged. Many lack family contact, friendships or any connection to the community.

The Compeer Program

The dictionary defines “Compeer” as a peer, a companion, an equal. The Compeer Program offers the opportunity to change a lonely life. We match caring adults with those who need them the most.

Although it is sometimes difficult to accept, mental illness can happen to anyone. In fact, one in every four families is affected by some form of mental illness.  And, like any other illness, it can strike anyone in any walk of life.  When it happens, the need for a friend to turn to is never greater.

Yet most people referred to Compeer are alone, without the vital support of family and friends. 

Compeer recognizes that mental illness can be the “loneliest illness” and believes that volunteers can provide the comfort and motivation needed to help people in mental health recovery lead happy, productive lives.  Compeer does not provide treatment but bridges the gap between traditional support systems and connection to the community.

Why Compeer works

  • Meets a Basic Human Need
  • Social Supports Build Confidence
  • Clients Re-Engage in Community
  • Isolation Shrinks, Self-worth Expands

Volunteers report

  • Enjoy making a difference
  • Increase empathy
  • Personal growth
  • More awareness of the challenges facing people with mental illness
  • Learning the value of true valuable friendship

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To apply to be a Compeer Volunteer, click here to complete the online application.

Please see the CompeerCORPS page for information about veteran Compeer matches.

Counties Served

Delaware County

Compeer Makes a Difference

Imagine if your mother passed away giving birth to you and once you reached 18, your father moved across the country without you. It’s inconceivable yet, my compeer friend Joe, experienced just that. I am a student at Drexel University and will be attending Drexel University College of Medicine in the fall of 2019. During my second year of college, I was looking for an organization that fit my busy schedule and provided a direct personal connection. I found Compeer and met Joe in 2017. Our first encounter was a couple hours long, throwing a football around and shooting some hoops. We grew close immediately, and a year later we were best friends.  

Despite Joe’s battle with mental health and a troubled past, he is such a happy person to be around. We see each other a few times a month and catch up on the phone when we can’t hangout. He has never had someone to hang out with, and it makes me realize a variety of things I take for granted. I appreciate the friendship we have and the smaller things in life. Joe is happy with who he is and doesn’t let others affect him. This has helped me realize I should be thinking the same way. His immediate connection and growth excite me to continue my friendship with Joe for years to come. Meeting Joe and hanging out with him has changed my life.

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