Delaware County Member/Family Satisfaction Team (M/FST)

The Voice and Vision Member/Family Satisfaction Team of Delaware County is thrilled to share the results of the findings from the surveys we conduct.  It is our pleasure to be the “Voice” of individuals and families who use services and to present their experiences and suggestions to systems of care and community networks to bring about a “Vision” of services that embody recovery and resiliency.  We are grateful for all who take part in our efforts, especially the members who share their time and feedback, the providers who accommodate our interview requests, and the Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health and Magellan Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania, Inc. who review the data and implement strategies to bring about change where needed.

The Team Members who do this important work are: Akua Ajarko – Coordinator; Marylou Shirley – Team Leader; Katie Gallagher – Administrative Assistant; Osai Becton – Field Staff Specialist; Karen Insogna – Field Staff Specialist; Ryan Scanlon – Field Staff Specialist; and Amber Warren – Field Staff Specialist   

2019 Current Projects

Adult Drug & Alcohol Project:
The purpose of this project is to obtain information regarding gaps in the D&A system (i.e., what’s needed, what’s getting in the way/barriers to treatment and recovery) and the quality of services available (i.e., what’s working & what’s not working).  We will be interviewing at least 200 people at various sites where drug & alcohol services are provided.

Adult Residential Recovery Project:
The purpose of this project is to learn about the quality of life of people living in homes paid for by the Office of Behavioral Health, identify the residents participation in community activities and level of involvement, and to assess the recovery orientation of the programs.

We believe in recovery! We promote resiliency: the ability to bounce back from adversity.  

If you would like more information about Delaware County M/FST services at Voice and Vision please email: Akua Ajarko, Coordinator at

Voice and Vision, Inc. M/FST 450 Parkway Drive, Suite 104,  Broomall, PA 19008

The M/FST surveys conducted in the past year:

The Adult Mental Health Outpatient (MHOP) Project:
The purpose of this project was to gather data about peoples’ experience and satisfaction with outpatient mental health services and identify if those services embody key recovery principles. Voice and Vision, Inc. Field Staff Specialists interviewed 223 members (88 by phone and 135 in person) at the two provider sites.

The Children’s Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) Project:
The purpose of the Residential Treatment Facility Survey was to gather data about what types of accommodations, services and supports parents/guardians need to care for and help their child/teen transition home from a Residential Treatment Facility and to thrive in the community.  Voice and Vision, Inc. conducted 23 parent/guardian interviews concerning 19 children/teens, which was a response rate of 74%.

The Children’s Resiliency Project:
The purpose of this project was to gather data from parents/guardians’ about their experience and satisfaction with children’s outpatient mental health services and identify if those services embody key recovery principles. Field Staff Specialists interviewed 239 parents or guardians on the phone or at a provider site.  

Family Peer Support (FPS) interviews are ongoing in conjunction with Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health to survey family members who have been involved in Mental Health Crisis Court.

Delaware County M/FST Team
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