Many Paths Towards Wholeness

Discovering Authentic Spirituality on the Road to Recovery

Nina Marie Corona

Featuring Nina Marie Corona

Authentic spirituality has a solid and evidence-based foothold in addiction recovery. What are the origins of this relationship and how has our understanding of this relationship evolved? What makes true spirituality authentic and not superficial? Are religion and spirituality the same thing? Is there a connection between substance use and one’s spirituality? Nina Marie Corona explores the various types of spiritual recovery resources and how to utilize spirituality as an anchor of support in recovery. 

Spirituality is a part of our human nature and an important part of the recovery process. However, each individual should be given the dignity to choose their path towards healing and encouraged and supported along the journey to health and wholeness.
– Nina Marie Corona

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It’s About The Journey

Supporting Our Children with Autism to Live Their Best Life

Stories of raising children with autism are about resilience: the power to push through stumbling blocks, move ahead, and be tenacious. In this 90-minute presentation you will meet two mothers of adolescent sons and learn about the lessons they have learned as parents and passionate advocates throughout their journey. Through their encouraging, “inspirational” and “captivating” stories, Sheila Garcia and Jennifer Halberstein share positive strategies and techniques regarding goals and encouraging positive behaviors; and a parent’s perspective on promoting connection and resilience through real-life examples of challenges and solutions. 

Thank you very much for telling your story. You brought my reality to the forefront. Very inspirational.  -KK

Jennifer, you had me captivated. Very raw and real.  -Anonymous

Thank you both for your courage to be vulnerable, yet willing to share.  You shared some major keys in life’s wisdom and survival skills in general.  -KH

Topics to Include:

  • Shifting from reactive to proactive parenting

  • It’s okay for your child to be bored

  • A change of perspective about autism

  • Who chooses our path

  • Promoting resilience

Sheila Garcia

Sheila Garcia

Sheila Garcia

Jennifer Halberstein

With a puzzled look, I turned to my husband and said, AUTISM? -SG

As parents, we face daily, unique challenges with our kids. Challenges that test us almost beyond our limit. Challenges that make us wake up feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Ones that make us race for the largest coffee mug available and inhale as much caffeine as possible before we begin our day. Parenting, in general, is challenging; then add on a child with a disability and you have some demanding days ahead -SG

I just hope to let others know that they are not alone.  We are a strong and passionate community.  We want the best for our family, and we do the best that we can.  It’s not a perfect journey.  I have learned more from my missteps than from anything I have read in a book and every time, I pick myself up and keep going.  -JH

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In Black/African American communities there are a lot of barriers for those seeking resources for mental health wellness and addictions. This is why our 2020 virtual conference is important. Our goal is to educate individuals, families, and communities, to help connect people needing services and treatment, and to promote generational wellness. “It is time to get up off that thing” and make LIFE better!

2020 Conference Day 1

2020 Conference Day 2

Truth Be Told…

Stories of transformation and recovery.

Meet Khali Younger, Rev. Benjamin Nelson and Raymond Werts.

Originally held on December 30, 2020

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