Family Advocacy Clinic

College and graduate student interns are trained to provide expert advocacy support to individuals and families facing difficult challenges related to mental health, substance use, trauma, juvenile justice, special education, school discipline or truancy.  The Clinic also engages in systems advocacy, where we honor excellence and encourage improvements in the way individuals and families are served in Pennsylvania.

The Family Voice:

We support Families who want to “Find Their Voice” and strengthen advocacy skills, using a collaborative and non-adversarial approach. We explain legal rights but are unable to offer any legal advice. Our Families:

  • Learn information and connect with resources
  • Build Relationships
  • Understand goals, options and legal rights
  • Take Action
  • Reflect and make adjustments along the way
  • Strengthen Resiliency
  • Exercise self-care

The Clinic is staffed by student interns studying social work, law and paralegal studies.  We partner closely with Delaware County Community College, serving families in Delaware and Chester Counties. 

Please see for more information.  

“Hope” Is Confidence in A Good Plan

The heart of the Family Advocacy Clinic is recognizing that it takes a healthy community to make a healthy person.  An individual is responsible for their choices, but it takes a supportive environment for a person to grow, change, and flourish.  Our plan is to build healthier communities one family, and one community partner, at a time. 

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