Consumer/Member Family Satisfaction Teams

Consumer/Family Satisfaction Teams (C/FST) and the Member/Family Satisfaction Team (M/FST) conduct interviews and focus groups with youth, adults and families who receive mental health and/or drug & alcohol services to ascertain if those services are meeting peoples’ needs and to obtain recommendations for change.  Access, service delivery, treatment, quality of life, recovery, overall health/wellness, and outcomes are a few of the focus areas. The data gathered is given to county departments, insurance companies, individuals, family members and communities with the goal to implement strategies that foster change where needed.

C/FST and M/FST emphasize the following principles in all their activities:


Every person has value and has the right to be heard and listened to


Every person can achieve a life of meaning and purpose


Every person brings strengths they use to live out their dreams and face challenges


Good treatment and support begins with identifying a person’s strengths and vision of the future.  For the system, discovering what works can improve services and supports more than focusing on what doesn’t work

Person & Family Driven

People know best what works for themselves and/or their family member


Health and wellness is best achieved when all the areas of a person’s life is supported (mind, body, spirit, soul, relationships, finances)

Counties Served

Please click on each County below to find out more about the work of that specific Team.

Bucks County Chester County Delaware County

C/FSTs are offered in Bucks and Chester Counties

The M/FST is offered in Delaware County

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