Family Connections

We connect families with other families, share resources, and make referrals when needed to help families receive the support and assistance they need.  A Family Advisory Committee comprised of families from the various child serving systems meets on a regular basis.

What We Do

  • Provide the Help and Hope Guide free to families
  • Peer Support: family member to family member
  • Catalyst for family voice
  • Educate families about resources and rights

Peer Support: Families often experience fear, hopelessness, confusion, and grief when a child, teen or young adult son or daughter receives a diagnosis of mental illness, addiction, or developmental disability.  Going to the internet for help can be overwhelming.  Family Connections connects parents with other parents who have similar experiences to help provide information, identify resources, and offer hope and support as families walk through triumphs and trials.    

We may not have all the answers but we will support you to find them!!!

One Mother's Experience:

"Voice and Vision has helped my son and I since 2009. Voice and Vision is a perfect name for this company. It gives the parents who have no where to turn to about their child suffering with mental illness a chance to voice their concerns and trouble to and knowing they will be heard. The need for parents searching out for answers is great. Voice and Vision gives hope, lights the way to ideas that parents hadn't thought of. Karen’s willingness to help, calms my anxiousness in regards to my son’s issues. She gives me support and confidence and inner strength - helping me to strategize ways in order to help my son. They are mediators, making the way to bridge a gap from hopelessness to new hope of vision."

How can you get involved?

Opportunities exist at many levels:

  • connect with other parents to offer hope, support and information
  • mentor a family whose child is newly diagnosed with mental health, addictions, and/or developmental disability challenges 
  • join our fundraising committee
  • help distribute the Guide throughout Bucks County for families and young adults 
  • volunteer: share a skill and/or talent 
  • other ideas - please call us!

Please call Karen Plummer for more information or email her at . If you prefer to send your information by mail, please use the Voice and Vision address.

Let your voice be heard!