H.A.N.D. Hope and New Directions

H.A.N.D.®* (Hope and New Directions®*) is a simple and creative way to help youth and young adults plan for their future with the support of a mentor. When Voice and Vision's Youth Connections piloted H.A.N.D., the young adult participants succeeded in reaching many of their identified goals and reported that the H.A.N.D process had a positive impact on their lives. We are currently offering a fully comprehensive H.A.N.D. plan and a Mini-H.A.N.D. plan, so please call and set up an appointment to find out which one best suits your needs.

H.A.N.D. works well with people ages 16-25 who have experienced any of the following:

  • very little or no direction with identifying interests, goals, or dreams of the future
  • multiple interests and can’t decide what to do first
  • are struggling with relationships and finding support
  • difficulty identifying next steps, such as: college, career, job, volunteering
  • very little or no hope for the future
  • a current or past diagnosis of mental illness and/or addiction
  • a need to talk over their future with a mentor who can listen, help guide and support
  • a desire to be successful and feel fulfilled
H.A.N.D. helps youth and young adults:
  • recognize strengths, gifts and talents
  • identify a vision for their future with goals and dreams
  • overcome challenges and barriers to meeting their goals
  • identify their communication and personality styles
  • develop supportive, reciprocal relationships
  • implement important steps that lead to fulfilling goals and dreams

Amanda's Experience:

"H.A.N.D. is very hopeful.  It went into detail and broke things down about my life.  It helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and helped me see more of who I am.  The personality testing really helped me see how God made me and helped me realize more about who I am, so I don't have to hate stuff about me anymore as the things I thought were abnormal are really a part of me, and I can love me now.  The H.A.N.D. team really made me feel that I am important and that my life is important.  I learned alot, and it really helped me out." 


At this time, H.A.N.D. is offered only to College Plus students due to the nature of the funding.   We are working on ways to make H.A.N.D. more available to anyone.  

Please email  for more information.

*Both H.A.N.D. and Hope and New Directions are registered service marks [®] of Voice and Vision, Inc.  The H.A.N.D. Plan model is copyrighted with the U.S. Copyright Office.