Chaplain Justin Cohen: A Journey of Faith and Redemption (Part 2)

We're back to continue our conversation with Chaplain Justin Cohen, who shared his powerful story with us in the previous episode. Chaplin Cohen has dedicated his life to helping others and is here to share valuable insights into the challenges veterans face, from battling mental health issues like PTSD to rediscovering their sense of purpose.

In part two of our discussion, Chaplain Cohen dives deeper into the critical role of building a support network for veterans and the power of effective communication in preventing suicide. As the conversation unfolds, you'll gain valuable insights into how individuals and organizations can better support veterans on their path to healing and reintegration. Chaplin Cohen also shares great resources for veterans looking for help and is here to remind us that no one needs to suffer alone. 

Highlights of this episode:

0:00 – Intro
1:43 – A network of support + the importance of communication
7:45 – Helping people find purpose
12:11 – Supporting veterans with PTSD
16:25 – Chaplin Cohen’s advice for civilians who want to help
18:07 – Resources for veterans looking for assistance

Chaplain Justin Cohen:

Justin Cohen was born and raised in the Oxford Circle section of Northeast Philadelphia on May 17, 1969. He received the call to ministry in a vision at the age of 11, but rejected it throughout his teen years of rebellion. At the age of 18, he enlisted in the US Navy as an Inventory Manager, determined to pursue a career in business, but God had another plan.

During a crisis period in his life, Bishop Cohen received his PERSONAL salvation, receiving Jesus Christ as his Savior through the personal ministry of a faithful deacon at Trinity Baptist Church of Jacksonville, FL where he was eventually water baptized and disciples.

Upon successful ministerial internship under the direction of the late Rev. Dr. Harold Vick and graduation from Jacksonville Theological Seminary in 1995, he returned to Philadelphia. In 2001, He founded World Harvest. He's a 2004 graduate of the Carolina University of Theology, earning a Master of Theology degree with a specialization in Ecclesiology, which became the basis for his subsequent book, Unwrapped.

He is a member of the National Association of Veterans Affairs Chaplains, the Spiritual Care Association, the Military Chaplains Association, and the American Association of Christian Counselors.


Get in touch with Chaplain Cohen: or call 610-931-7182


Need immediate help? Contact the Veterans Crisis Line via phone, text or online chat. Dial 988 then Press 1 or text 838255 or use the online chat at

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Information on how to apply for VA Healthcare Benefits from anywhere in the USA: or call 877-222-8387 (M-F 8am-8pm EST)

To apply for veteran’s benefits and find resources in Pennsylvania veterans need to contact their County Office of Veterans Affairs as listed in this document:

View more about PA’s resources for veterans:

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