Chimney Trail Health: Reshaping the Landscape of Veteran Mental Health with Matthew Brown

We are honored to be joined by Matt Brown in today’s episode. Matt served in the Navy for over 12 years, holding various leadership and operational roles. Today, he is the CEO of Chimney Trail Health, which aims to eliminate destructive anxiety, depression, and suicide within the military. 

We’ll learn more about Matt's time in the service and how Chimney Trail Health is providing essential tools for service members to navigate mental health challenges through a unique blend of cognitive behavioral therapy and outdoor activities. Stay tuned as Matt shares some powerful insights into the pressing issue of mental health within the military, the impact on recruitment, and how Chimney Trail Health is stepping up to address the crisis.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

2:39 – Matt’s time in the Navy

5:28 – The origins of Chimney Trail Health

8:57 – Mental health support for active military 

13:12 – Recruitment challenges for the armed forces

17:10 – Asking for help + getting involved with Chimney Trail

22:06 – Finding today’s purpose

Matthew Brown:

Matthew Brown served in the US Navy for twelve years. He held various leadership and operational roles, culminating in command of USS Scout (MCM 8). He is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and is a Bochnowski Family Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution. He now leads the behavioral healthcare company Chimney Trail Health, which aims to eliminate destructive anxiety, depression, and suicide through training in preventive cognitive behavioral therapy.



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