Ep 16: The Power of Support – Why Veterans Must Share Their Stories with Dr. John Taylor

On Episode 16 of Untold Valor, we’re joined by Dr. John Taylor, a retired Marine who shares his inspiring story of service and sacrifice. You’ll learn about John’s unique personal and military background, his personal struggles with both mental and physical health issues, and why he’s so passionate about sharing his story with others.

John has concrete advice about how veterans can improve their situations and will give you three things every veteran needs to know at the end of the episode. Don’t miss this show as you’ll gain insights into the importance of getting service-connected, how to push forward despite ongoing pain or challenges, and the importance of community.

Highlights of this episode:

4:00 – Make sure to take the time to seek the help you need. “It’s worth waiting in the long lines.”

6:08 – There are all types of veterans out there and you never know how your story can positively impact someone else, or vice versa.

7:35 – Why men sometimes have a harder time seeking help.

9:25 – Dr. Taylor opens up about some of his personal struggles, including how a terrible car accident almost robbed his ability to play music, and more, from his life.

13:10 – The benefits of registering as a veteran with local organizations.

19:23 – The three things veterans need to know… Most importantly, share your knowledge with others.

More About Dr. John Taylor:

John enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1991. His MOS (primary function) was communications wire technician. John went to boot camp at Parris Island, SC and received his training from 29 Palms MCAGCC Marine Base California. John was activated several times while serving. He achieved the Navy Achievement, Meritorious Mast, and Good Conduct Ribbons for exemplary service and leadership. His highest rank achieved was Sergeant (E-5). John re-enlisted in 2002 into the Virginia Air National Guard as a public health technician. He was successfully and honorably discharged from both branches. John sustained an injury to his hearing and is now service-connected and receiving treatment from the VA hospital.

John is a music producer and owns an Indie label called Calm Down Records. His talents in music include his ability to play the piano, drums, bass guitar, and engineer recording. He is a strong writer and has produced several albums for himself and other artists. He has 17 years of experience as an educator teaching special education, case management, and psychotherapy/counseling. John currently holds a Master of Education degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Methodist College, and a Doctor of Divinity degree from United Church Seminary. He has a passion for ministry, and he expresses to everyone his devotion and love for Yahweh. He is proud to be a man of the Most High. He is family-oriented and enjoys spreading a message of love and spirituality throughout his community.


Veterans Crisis Line: Dial 988 then Press 1   Chat at VeteransCrisisLine.net/Chat   or Chat by Text 838255

Voice & Vision: https://bit.ly/3miwFoy

CompeerCORPS: https://bit.ly/3GgKryU

Information on how to apply for VA Healthcare Benefits from anywhere in the USA: https://bit.ly/40PtrrN or call 877-222-8387 (M-F 8am-8pm EST)

To apply for veteran’s benefits and find resources in Pennsylvania veterans need to contact their County Office of Veterans Affairs as listed in this document: https://bit.ly/3m8PBWS

View more about PA’s resources for veterans: https://bit.ly/416cf0Q

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