Ep 8: Beyond the Diagnosis – How Donald Carter Coped with Physical Challenges While in the Service

Welcome to episode eight of Untold Valor. In this episode, we’re joined by Donald “Tate” Carter, who served in the Air Force from 1988-1992 as a Production control specialist in Civil Engineering classification.

As a very active and athletic young man, Donald was shocked when he was diagnosed with asthma and high blood pressure in 1991. In this episode, Donald opens up about how these physical conditions impacted his time in service and beyond, and the emotional toll these challenges have taken on his life.

Stay tuned as Donald shares his story and how he has kept a positive outlook on life, despite his military career not going as planned.

Highlights of this episode:

  • Getting to know Donald Carter and the surprising truth behind the nickname “Tate.” (0:49)
  • The unexpected health issues that Donald experienced at twenty years old. (2:10)
  • The doctor that opened Donald’s eyes to how his physical conditions were impacting his mental health and social life (5:05)
  • How counseling, faith and fellowship have impacted and shaped Donald’s life (10:53)

More about Donald Carter (AKA, Tate):

Tate was born in Philadelphia on September 8, 1968. He served in the United States Air Force from September 14,1988 to September 14,1992 as a Production Control Specialist in Civil Engineering classification. After leaving the Air Force, Tate used his strength in sales to acquire a job at Foot Locker with the goal to become a manager, and he did. He then became a Retail Manager. In 2010 he started his own business called Fast Lane Courier Service, which he still operates today. He also works at Arete Agency as a sports and entertainment agent.

As an agent, Tate helps young athletes pursue goals to play basketball and assists them to reach those goals through various opportunities both at home and overseas. He also works with young entertainers helping them pursue singing or other similar goals. Tate believes we were put on this earth to help people, so helping young people pursue their goals and dreams is very enjoyable and rewarding.

When Tate was at Foot Locker, he met his lovely wife Syreeta who was a very good friend for many years before they married in 2015. Tate is a family man – he loves spending time with his family and holding family meetings, which helps everyone grow and communicate. He also loves to play sports, golf, and support his hometown teams. Tate is an active member of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia under Pastor Alyn E. Waller. He believes every success he has had in his life is based on his belief and faith in God.


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