Finding Companionship & Support as a Veteran with Rob Yannuzzi

For many veterans, transitioning from military to civilian life can be challenging. It is often an experience filled with mental health issues, feelings of isolation, and difficulty adapting to societal norms. Today, we delve into these struggles and more with Rob Yennuzzi, a U.S. submarine service veteran, CompeerCORPS program coordinator, and mayor of Eddystone Borough. 

One of the reasons Rob wanted to be a part of CompeerCORPS was the connection with their mission to provide an opportunity for people find the companionship that’s often lacking for veterans. Getting paired up with another veteran helps prevent those feelings of loneliness and gives people a great resource to help them navigate the system. 

Learn more about Rob’s role with CompeerCORPS and find out how you can get the help you need as you transition to civilian life.

Highlights of this episode:

0:00 – Intro

2:25 – Rob’s experience serving as a missile technician on the USS Louisiana and his adjustment back to civilian life. 

6:27 – Why he was called to get involved in suicide prevention in his community before he got into politics.

13:40 – Rob feels like CompeerCORPS is the answer to what these veterans are going through and can provide direction.   

17:58 – The importance of companionship and how you can get resources for that.   

Rob Yannuzzi:

Rob, a U.S. Navy Submarine Veteran, has a history of service and formerly served as the Vice-President of council, and is the current Mayor of Eddystone Borough. Rob has served in the non-profit sector as a board member of “Grand’s Stepping Up”, an organization who provides resources to Grandparents who, through various circumstances, have taken on a parental role for their Grandchildren. He is also a founding member of the “Society for Suicide Prevention” a non-profit dedicated to suicide prevention, providing resources to those who have suffered, training for local police departments, and mental health advocacy. Previously serving in various political campaign roles, Rob pivoted to a government role as a Constituent Service Advisor to Pennsylvania State Representative Jennifer O’Mara and Senior Constituent Advisor and Chief of Staff/District Office Director to Pennsylvania State Representative David M. Delloso.


Rob Yannuzzi
CompeerCORPS – Coordinator
Tel: (610) 541-0790
Cel: (610) 883-3938
Toll Free: (800) 564-Peer


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