Overcoming Pain Pill Addiction Through Alternative Therapies with Mike Jeffers

Life after the military is a time when so many veterans struggle. Trying to manage the physical and emotional pain can feel overwhelming, and many veterans turn to medication and pills to help ease the problems. But that can lead to even deeper issues like addiction and depression.

Navy veteran Mike Jeffers was in that same position. Taking as many as 23 prescribed pills every day, Mike said he felt like a zombie and needed to make a change to avoid becoming another statistic. That’s when he found the Balanced Veterans Network, which believes in a more holistic approach to providing therapy.

The episode provides a new perspective on veterans’ health and a fresh take on pain management, encouraging listeners to rethink traditional healthcare. For veterans grappling with similar struggles, Jeffers’ journey is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that with the right support and alternative treatment, overcoming chronic pain and addiction is possible.

Highlights of this episode:

·      1:40 – Mike’s background serving in the Navy from 1989 to 1993 onboard the USS Groton

·      3:39 – Mike dealt with spine injuries after a career of working in the submarine, working on cars, and building helicopters. He used the VA first but that treatment eventually led to a struggle with pain pills.

·      7:21 – His treatments now include medical marijuana and essential oils, but it’s all about finding the two or three different things that help you deal with pain rather than turning to another pill.

·      8:02 – How he found the Balanced Veterans Network and how they’ve helped him.

Mike Jeffers:

Mike Jeffers is a 55-year-old Submarine Veteran Born and raised in Phoenixville, PA. He served as a Sonar Technician aboard the U.S.S. Groton (SSN  694) from 1989 -1993. He is currently employed at Boeing Helicopters, working on wiring the helicopters produced there and serving on the Boeing Veterans Committee. He has worked at Boeing for 15 years. Mike is also a member of the Balanced Veterans Network. BVN is a network that connects veterans to life-saving alternative therapies and provides education to help empower Veterans to use alternative therapies to combat Veteran issues such as suicide, addiction, and homelessness. BVN feels that the veteran community is struggling to find a viable long-term solution and that medication alone is not the answer. BVN offers a place for those who seek purpose after transitioning out of the military and believe that a healthy community, conversation, and alternative healing practices can be vital to a meaningful, balanced life.


Balanced Veteran Network: https://balancedveterans.org/

Military One Source: https://www.militaryonesource.mil/


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