Help and Hope Guide

Coming Winter 2020!!

Voice and Vision, Inc. provides HELP and HOPE to families struggling with Substance Use and Addiction!

Help and Hope: Substance Use

Announcing the second guide in our series: Help and Hope: From Families who have Walked the Walk. This 250-page book, Substance Use: The Growing Need to Know provides the reader with a foundational understanding of substance use and addiction.

Guest authors from the “front lines” of the fight provide information about prevention, treatment, and recovery supports.

Those with first-hand experience with substance use and addiction share their engaging, emotionally- compelling testimonies. 

We have raised $18,000 and NEED YOUR HELP to raise $17,000 more to publish and distribute 5,000 copies!

If we reach our goal, we can offer the book FREE to families.

To find out more or to partner with us to provide this essential tool free to families, please contact Karen Plummer at 215-442-1599, ext. 205.

Please visit our CharityGoFundMe page to make a donation.

Help and Hope Guide

Help and Hope: From Families who have Walked the Walk

Voice and Vision has distributed 5000 copies of our first guide!

Being a family with a loved one who has challenges is difficult. We have heard many times: “if only I knew then what I know now.” This guide—written by families for families— shares what we ‘know now’ in the hope that we can help you navigate services, identify resources, and establish the right supports for you and your family. In Help and Hope you will find information, helpful suggestions, and accounts from families reflecting upon their own journeys. Help and Hope puts the wisdom of decades of family experiences into your hands.  

New copies of this guide are no longer available, but you might find copies in the community.

Please stay tuned for an updated reprint!

First Help and Hope Guide Testimonials

“The Voice & Vision Resource book is a masterpiece…and I don’t use that term lightly! The format, attention to detail, variety of subjects, careful organization, personal accounts, and thoroughness of topics, etc., etc., are so well coordinated and completed! In a way, it reads like a novel, but in so many distinctive ways, it is an essential resource, which, I predict, will outlive many previous (and future) attempts at such a gathering. Well done! Best of future experiences going forward.”

“First –let me say I LOVE the book. I have been reading it & learning things I didn’t know after 12 years at the job!!! So thank you for doing this.”

“I wanted to let you know that the books we purchased are really helping our staff in connecting families to needed services as well as helping families”

“Thank you for putting this entire book together–it is FABULOUS, and I cannot stop talking about it”.

“ I received a copy of Help and Hope at a teen brain injury support group last night. I haven’t been able to put it down! What a great resource.”

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