We have a strong focus on education at Voice and Vision, knowing that education and information can give us tools through the toughest of times,  create more choices in our life’s journey, help us dream and achieve what we set out to do and much more.  Knowledge is power!


Through education, training, blogs, workshops and partnering with other organizations, families, youth and adults are offered pertinent information about how to access services, connect to community, heal from past challenges and develop a vision for their future.

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Tips for You

We identified four strategies that have helped us the most as we walked through our triumphs and trials with mental illnesses, addictions and disabilities. Learn your rights, identify ideas of how to remain positive and commit to never giving up and learning more.

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Not being able to list all the websites that could be helpful, we created a list that will take you to the most pertinent websites that contain information on most of the resources in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.

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Help and Hope Guide

The Bucks County Help and Hope Guide: From Families who have Walked the Walk was written by families for families. It addresses many of the unanswered questions and provides tips and advice on the best ways to advocate for family members, navigate and access services and find information, support and hope.

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