College Plus

College Plus offers people an opportunity to go to college or achieve a certification with support from a mentor.  College Plus recognizes continuing education can help individuals develop a career path, explore dreams, make friends, and strengthen a person's overall well-being.     


The purpose of College Plus is to help people go to and stay in college or a certificate course until they graduate or achieve education/career goals.  If needed, College Plus can help students obtain finances and identify education or career goals. Through support and mentoring offered by College Plus, students experience hope, perseverance, increased self-esteem, and reduced fear, which has helped students be successful in their studies and remain in college until graduation.

College Plus offers support groups and individual support based on the needs and location of the students enrolled in the initiative.  College Plus welcomes any person with a mental health challenge that is in college to attend our support groups - in other words, you don't have to be a part of College Plus to attend the support groups.  

College Plus has no subject or age limitations.  Anyone who meets the below criteria is welcome to apply.

Main Eligibility Criteria:

  • Resident of Bucks County
  • Have a documented mental health or co-occurring diagnosis
  • Strong desire to obtain a higher level of education, to advance to a career or both
  • Have typing skills and computer knowledge in Word and internet usage
  • Agree to participate in support groups if accepted into College Plus


One Student's Testimony:

Sharon, a College Plus student from 2008, stopped by the Voice and Vision office to say hi and thank you.  Her written testimony says it all:  "Hi, my name is Sharon and College Plus was instrumental in me returning to college and obtaining my license as a practical nurse (LPN).  When I joined Voice and Vision I had no idea that the college course they offered me would inspire me to continue on for my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN).  Never underestimate the influence of loving and caring people.  The people that work at College Plus are phenomenal, if you give the program a chance - there's no telling how far you can go, I'm a living testament."

NOTE: If you are unsure about the direction of your life, we will help you create a vision of your future by looking at your strengths, interests, and abilities. We use a proven online assessment tool, which can help guide you in making some decisions towards an education and/or career path.  Also, College Plus can help you develop a written H.A.N.D.® (Hope and New Directions®) Plan, which captures your strengths, goals, challenges, supportive relationships and steps that help guide you to accomplish goals and realize dreams!


College Plus was birthed in October 2007 as part of the spirit of advancing the focus of peer support and recovery in Bucks County. Since its inception, over 100 students have participated in College Plus.  About 30-50% of College Plus students remain in college or in pursuit of a career.