Veteran Program

CompeerCORPS Connects a Veteran with another Veteran in recovery by developing friendships, connecting to the community and offering supportive help where needed.

Specific Activities:

  • Matching interests, needs and demographics
  • Meeting four hours a month at a place chosen by the person
  • Developing friendships and connecting to the community

Recent research by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimates that 22 veterans commit suicide every day across the USA – almost one veteran is lost per hour. Veterans are our family, friends and neighbors who have served our country and deserve our help. Southeastern Pennsylvania has the largest population of veterans in the Commonwealth.  We are committed to helping and honoring veterans. 

Bruce Mitchell, a veteran and employee of Voice and Vision, had a desire to serve other veteran's.  He created a veteran program in 2013 after receiving a call from a social worker at the Coatesville VA Hospital asking if Voice and Vision's Peer Companship Program could include veterans.  Bruce and Allen's Testimonial:

Bruce said, "While working with my fellow Veterans, I have had many rewarding experiences. I feel like I am giving those who have defended the citizens of our nation an opportunity for a more enriched and rewarding life. It has been a GREAT HONOR and privilege to work and develop relationships with my fellow Veterans." Allen said of his match with Bruce, "He is a good person. I like getting together with him because he has given me something to do with my time. We've taken a train into Philadelphia. I play pool at the VFW. I hadn't played pool or went bowling in many years, and now I am doing both and enjoying it!   

In June of 2015, the Peer Companionship Veteran Program combined with CompeerCORPS as both programs have the same mission, goals and activities, and both are under the auspices of Voice and Vision, Inc..  

Please help us help veterans.  If you know a veteran in Southeastern PA who needs help or you are a veteran who would like to volunteer to help another veteran please contact CompeerCORPS at Compeer of Suburban Philadelphia - Olga Antonyuk at  .  You may also help financially by sending your tax deductible donations to the office or give online to support veterans.  Thank you for helping us help veterans.