Watchdog Services

In 1997, Voice and Vision, Inc. began “Watchdog Services” – monitoring and evaluating mental health, drug and alcohol, and intellectual disability systems and services.  Since then, Voice and Vision has had the opportunity to speak to thousands of people about their experiences with these systems and services and to report the Voice of people and cast a Vision to funders and influencers based on what people say they want and need to live a quality life full of resiliency and hope! 

Here are the names and description of these services:     

Consumer/Family Satisfaction Teams (in Bucks and Chester Counties) and the Member/Family Satisfaction Team (in Delaware County) conduct interviews and focus groups with youth, adults and families who receive mental health and/or drug & alcohol services to ascertain if those services are meeting peoples’ needs and to obtain recommendations for change.  Access, service delivery, treatment, quality of life, recovery, overall health/wellness, and outcomes are a few of the focus areas. The data gathered is given to county departments, insurance companies, individuals, family members and communities with the goal to implement strategies that foster change where needed.

The Independent Monitoring For Quality Team (in Bucks County) interviews individuals who are registered with the intellectual disability system and their families about the quality of their lives, what is working, and what changes they would like to see. The process is guided by the “Everyday Lives” values and principles. Reports are submitted to County and State Officials to bring about needed changes pertaining to each individual’s life and in services and supports.  

Teams like these are mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and they exist in every county.  All of the Voice and Vision teams have people with lived experience doing the good work.  Voice and Vision uses the data gathered across services and counties to identify trends focused on what is working well, what needs improving, and to advocate for change where needed.

While this work is a lot of what Voice and Vision does on a daily basis, people who participate in the above services are those identified randomly through service registries and/or are currently in treatment.  We are grateful for all who take part in a survey interview or focus group, so please answer the call if we reach out because your Voice and Vision are important!!!!     

To see some of the Community Reports from t Consumer/Family Satisfaction Teams click here

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